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Badass Lizard Names (Cool, Cute & Popular) - Animallearns

“Lizard Names” is a captivating topic, perfect for anyone seeking inspiration for their scaly companion’s unique identity. Among the most unusual and fascinating reptiles are lizards. Many have bright colors, and gregarious attitudes, and are excellent first pets. Naturally, they require extra-special names.

There are many alternatives on this list of pet lizard names to select from, regardless of your preferences for humorous or elegant, adorable or vibrant, sweet or badass. We have compiled the top names for lizards of all shapes and sizes, whether you own a chameleon, bearded dragon, gecko, or another type of reptile.

It’s time to choose the ideal Lizard Name if you recently acquired one! It’s not difficult to choose a suitable name for any lizard.

Top Lizard Names List

Top Lizard Names List

Spike: Spike, a pre-teen dragon, holds the esteemed title of Twilight Sparkle’s best friend in the enchanting realm of “My Little Pony.”

Mushu: Mushu, portrayed in Disney’s “Mulan,” embodies the spirit of a diminutive dragon, despite his grandiose self-image.

Leo: Originating from Latin, Leo finds its roots in the word for “lion.”

Toothless: Despite the fact that bearded dragons possess teeth, the moniker Toothless, inspired by “How to Train Your Dragon,” remains irresistibly endearing.

Puff: The epithet Puff the Magic Dragon finds perfect harmony with the delightful puff-necked bearded dragons!

Lizzy: Lizzy emerges as an impeccable designation for a lizard, exuding charm and personality.

Rex: Rex, immortalized in “Toy Story,” represents the endearing, albeit nervous, Tyrannosaurus rex figurine.

Spyro: Spyro, the eponymous protagonist of a beloved series of video games, boasts a regal purple hue in his portrayal as a dragon.

Rango: Brought to life by the voice of Johnny Depp, Rango emerges as an eccentric chameleon in the eponymous 2011 cinematic masterpiece.

Draco: Derived from the Latin word for “dragon,” Draco carries a weighty significance, notably observed in the persona of Draco Malfoy within the realm of “Harry Potter,” where he embodies a proud Slytherin with a penchant for the darker arts.

Funny Lizard Names

Funny Lizard Names:

Bad Bill: In the animated comedy “Rango,” Bad Bill emerges as a Gila monster outlaw, causing mischief and mayhem.

Barney: For those who reminisce about the ‘90s, Barney the Purple Dinosaur remains a delightful throwback.

Boss: This tough-guy alias takes on an endearing quality when bestowed upon diminutive lizards.

Bowser: Within Nintendo’s iconic “Mario” franchise, Bowser reigns as a reptilian supervillain, harboring a peculiar fondness for Princess Peach.

Coachella: Is your lizard harboring aspirations of influencing the masses? Named after Coachella Valley, the trendy arts and music festival holds significance for desert-dwelling reptiles.

Cricket: For a touch of irony, consider naming your lizard after its favorite meal.

Dr. Bruce Banner: A nod to Marvel aficionados, Dr. Bruce Banner pays homage to the Hulk’s alter ego, particularly when he’s not rampaging as a giant green superhero.

Dr. Connors: Another esteemed Marvel-inspired name, Dr. Connors, epitomizes the transformation of a scientist into a lizard and antagonist of Spider-Man.

Fuzzy: Drawing from the children’s rhyme, Fuzzy Wuzzy, this name resonates with the charm of your hairless lizard companion.

Godzilla: For a touch of irony, bestow upon your diminutive lizard the moniker of the prehistoric, man-eating sea monster.

Earl Sinclair: Immortalized in the ‘90s sitcom “Dinosaurs,” Earl represents a lovably grumpy Megalosaurus patriarch of the Sinclair family.

Eddie Lizzard: A playful homage to comedian Eddie Izzard, blending humor with reptilian charm.

Fido: A delightfully unexpected choice, the stereotypical dog name injects freshness and humor into lizard nomenclature.

Granny Smith: A matronly name befitting the bright green apple of your affection.

Hydra: Derived from the mythological many-headed monster, Hydra injects a dose of humor into the realm of tiny reptiles.

Jub-Jub: Hailing from “The Simpsons,” Jub-Jub embodies Selma’s sleepy-eyed pet iguana with undeniable charm.

Mr. Green Jeans: A whimsically nostalgic name paying homage to the character from “Captain Kangaroo.”

Randall: Randall Boggs, the sinister, lizard-like antagonist from “Monsters, Inc.,” exudes a certain reptilian charm worthy of recognition.

Reptar: From “Rugrats,” Reptar, the Godzilla-like cartoon character, holds a special place in the hearts of many, making it a charming choice for lizard naming.

Jurassic: Perfect for the lizard who seems to have stepped right out of the age of dinosaurs.

Lizard Lemon: A playful twist on Liz Lemon from “30 Rock,” offering a touch of whimsy to your lizard’s identity.

Miss Crawly: In the animated hit “Sing,” Miss Crawly stands as a mistake-prone iguana with noble intentions and questionable eyesight.

Mojo Jojo: While originally a chimpanzee mad scientist in “Powerpuff Girls,” Mojo Jojo’s lizard-like appearance and memorable name make him an inspiration for lizard monikers.

Famous Lizard Names

Famous Lizard Names

Sure, here are the famous lizard names with colons added:

Amigo: A charming designation for an equally charming companion.

Annie: While any lizard can embody the spirit of Annie, Annie the Anole exudes an exceptional level of cuteness.

Bean: This name may reflect your pet’s diminutive size or its verdant hue, reminiscent of a vibrant green bean.

Bruni: As seen in “Frozen II,” Bruni takes on the form of an endearing salamander, embodying the Fire Spirit with adorable flair.

Bud: A freshly picked appellation for your verdant buddy.

Buggy: With their captivating buggy eyes, many lizards possess an endearing resemblance to bugs, making Buggy a fitting name.

Chilly: Ideal for the cold-blooded companion who never fails to warm your heart with their presence.

Dottie: For leopard geckos, Dottie offers a timeless charm with its old-fashioned sweetness.

Iggy: When it comes to iguanas, Iggy stands out as an irresistibly fitting name choice.

Jolly: Whether large or small, Jolly the Green Giant serves as a festive namesake for any lizard.

Junior: A diminutive yet endearing name perfectly suited for your petite pal.

Kiwi: Drawing inspiration from the delicious green fruit, Kiwi makes for an equally delightful and cute name.

Knuckles: As featured in the “Quack Pack” cartoons, Knuckles assumes the role of Daisy Duck’s beloved pet iguana, adding a touch of whimsy to the name.

Larry: With its alliterative appeal, Larry the Lizard effortlessly elevates the cuteness factor.

Lenny: Similar to Larry, Lenny the Lizard captures hearts with its charming simplicity.

Llama: The inherent cuteness of animals named after other animals shines through with Llamas, particularly when bestowed upon a lizard.

Lucky: This name serves as a reminder of the special bond you share with your companion, signifying how fortunate you are to have each other.

Mint Chocolate Chip: Ideal for brown and green-hued lizards, Mint Chocolate Chip adds a colorful and delightful touch to the naming process.

Olaf: While not sharing much in common with desert-dwelling lizards, Olaf’s love for warm hugs makes this name endearing and memorable.

Pascal: In Disney’s “Tangled,” Pascal charms audiences as Rapunzel’s loyal and saucer-eyed chameleon friend.

Peter Pan: Capturing the adventurous spirit of the beloved character, Peter Pan (or Pete) offers a whimsical and timeless name option.

Pickle: Perfectly suited for green-hued pets, Pickle exudes both sweetness and a hint of spice.

Pixie: Evoking a sense of magic and enchantment, Pixie perfectly encapsulates the adorable charm of tiny pets.

Poppy: Drawing inspiration from desert-dwelling poppy flowers, Poppy adds a touch of natural beauty to the naming process.

Rainbow: For color-changing chameleons, the Rainbow serves as a cheerful and fitting name, reflecting their vibrant nature.

Rascal: An endearing designation for pets with a mischievous streak, Rascal captures their playful spirit.

Rex: As seen in “Toy Story,” Rex embodies the lovable yet anxious Tyrannosaurus rex figure, making this name choice both nostalgic and charming.

Sandy: With its timeless charm, Sandy emerges as a classic and endearing name, particularly suitable for desert-dwelling companions.

Shamrock: Infusing a dose of green-themed luck and happiness, Shamrock offers a cheerful and fitting name option.

Scamp: For pets that exude a mischievous yet sweet demeanor, Scamp captures their playful nature with ease.

Scooter: This classic pet name perfectly complements the quick and agile movements of lizards, adding a touch of whimsy to their identity.

Sunny: Reflecting the bright and radiant disposition of your pet, Sunny emerges as a fitting and heartwarming name choice.

Yoda: Drawing inspiration from the wise and iconic Star Wars character, Yoda adds a touch of wisdom and charm to your lizard’s identity.

Yoshi: As a beloved Nintendo character, Yoshi brings a sense of playfulness and joy to the naming process, perfectly suited for reptilian companions.

Female Lizard Names

Female Lizard Names

Certainly! Here are the female lizard names with colons added:

Amity: Amity, a name of Latin origin meaning “friendship,” beautifully encapsulates the bond between humans and animals.

Arizona: The allure of Arizona’s warm, arid climate extends a welcoming embrace to numerous species of lizards.

Atacama: Named after the expansive Chilean desert, Atacama carries the essence of a serene and distinctive girl’s name.

Aurora: Aurora, signifying “dawn,” radiates a warmth that resonates with sun-loving, cold-blooded companions.

Camilla: Camilla, a name steeped in nobility across various cultures, offers a dignified option for chameleons like Camilla the Chameleon.

Chroma: Chroma, a vibrant and colorful choice, mirrors the dazzling spectacle of flashy chameleons.

Fiona: In the whimsical world of “Shrek,” Princess Fiona’s transformative nature into a lizard-like green hue underlines the charm of this name.

Iris: Iris, derived from Greek mythology and symbolizing the rainbow, presents a graceful option for chameleons with its spectrum of hues.

Ivy: Evoking images of lush forests and verdant landscapes, Ivy emerges as a natural and enchanting namesake.

Izzy: The playful and spirited moniker Izzy Lizard adds an element of joy to any conversation.

Jade: Jade, synonymous with the precious green stone, bestows upon its wearer an air of elegance and refinement.

June: June, a name evoking the warmth and vitality of summer, exudes timeless appeal for both pets and people alike.

Juniper: Juniper, trendy and botanical, lends a touch of modernity to the name repertoire for ornamental shrubs and spirited girls alike.

Kalahari: Inspired by the vast expanse of the Kalahari Desert, this name resonates with the rugged beauty of arid landscapes.

Lima: With its dual identity as the Spanish word for “lime” and a charming name for green-hued companions, Lima embodies freshness and vibrancy.

Liz: In the adventures of “The Magic School Bus,” Liz the chameleon adds a touch of whimsy to this endearing name.

Lori: Lori Lizard, with its alliterative charm, brings a sense of playfulness and rhythm to the name game.

Myrtle: Rooted in Greek mythology and symbolizing evergreen vitality, Myrtle offers a timeless and elegant option for girls and greenery alike.

Mystique: Drawing inspiration from the enigmatic shape-shifter of “X-Men” fame, Mystique adds a touch of intrigue and allure to the name palette for chameleons.

Olive: Olive, a vintage name exuding timeless appeal, finds resonance with its association with the enduring color of green.

Sahara: Sahara, evoking the vastness and mystique of desert landscapes, offers a name rich with warmth and adventure.

Sierra: With its Spanish origin meaning “mountain range,” Sierra embodies strength and wild beauty, making it a fitting choice for spirited pets.

Solana: Solana, meaning “sunshine” in Spanish, brings a radiant warmth to the name roster, perfect for sunny dispositions and sun-loving creatures alike.

Sonora: Inspired by the scorching Sonoran Desert, this name exudes a fiery spirit and untamed beauty.

Summer: Embodying the sunniest season, Summer radiates warmth and vitality, making it an apt choice for lively companions.

Tonks: With a nod to the shape-shifting witch of “Harry Potter” fame, Tonks adds an element of magic and transformation to the name repertoire for chameleons.

Verde: Verde, originating from Spanish and meaning “green,” offers a fresh and vibrant option for those adorned in nature’s verdant hues.

Male Lizard Names

Male Lizard Names

Of course! Here are the male lizard names with colons added:

Alvin: Derived from Old English, meaning “elf friend,” Alvin remains a fitting choice for pint-sized companions.

Amazon: The sprawling Amazon Rainforest serves as a habitat for a myriad of wildlife, boasting over 370 species of reptiles.

Anatoly: With roots in Russian, Anatoly signifies “sunrise.”

August: As both a summer month and a name, August radiates warmth and sunshine.

Baja: Inspired by the coastal vibes of the California desert, Baja exudes a beachy charm.

Bellamy: This sophisticated English name conveys the notion of a “fine friend.”

Cameron: The mellifluous Cameron the Chameleon glides effortlessly off the tongue.

Charmander: Drawing inspiration from the reptilian Pokémon, Charmander’s name melds “char” (in reference to its fiery tail) with “salamander.”

Darwin: An English surname signifying “dear friend,” Darwin also pays homage to the renowned naturalist and reptile enthusiast, Charles Darwin.

Dino: Hailing from Italy, Dino translates to “little sword,” and can also serve as a diminutive for “dinosaur.”

Dune: With a nod to sandy landscapes, Dune evokes images of desert vistas for your little one.

Elio: Originating from Italy, Elio embodies the essence of “sunny.”

Gobi: The Gobi desert holds significance as a treasure trove of fossil discoveries, including dinosaur eggs.

Haru: A Japanese name meaning “sunshine,” Haru illuminates with its cheerful connotations.

Helios: For a name steeped in mythology, Helios, the Greek deity of the sun, offers a timeless choice.

Ignatius: For more casual settings, Ignatius the Iguana could easily go by the affectionate moniker “Iggy.”

Igor: An ideal appellation for Iggy’s loyal iguana companion.

Joshua: Native to the Mojave Desert, the Joshua tree serves as a vital resource, offering shelter and sustenance to various creatures.

Kaitoke: Derived from the New Zealand district, Kaitoke lends its name to a rich, verdant shade of green.

Laurel: With botanical roots, Laurel also embodies a gentle, verdant hue.

Leon: While Greek in origin, meaning “lion,” the allure of Leon the Lizard is undeniable in its poetic charm.

Malachite: Drawing from the green mineral, Malachite exudes strength and vitality as a masculine name choice.

Mantis: The cool, refreshing shade of green finds inspiration in the graceful form of the praying mantis.

Mojave: Home to an array of unique lizard species, including the Mohave fringe-toed lizard, the Mojave Desert offers an abundance of inspiration.

Newton: For newt companions, Newton stands out as an apt designation, reflecting scientific intrigue and discovery.

Phoenix: Originating from Arizona’s capital, Phoenix carries Greek origins, meaning “dark red,” a fitting choice for fiery-hued reptiles.

Pine: Infused with woodland charm, Pine resonates with timeless allure.

Reno: Inspired by Nevada’s diverse lizard population, the vibrant city of Reno adds a touch of whimsy as a namesake.

River: Gaining popularity as a baby name, River pays homage to nature’s tranquility and beauty.

Saguaro: The majestic Saguaro cactus commands attention with its strength and grace.

Sal: Meet Sal the Salamander, ever-ready to lend a helping hand.

Silas: From the Greek, Silas evokes the essence of the forest, offering a sense of serenity and mystery.

Sylvester: Latin in origin, meaning “woodland,” Sylvester embodies a rugged charm, with the playful nickname “Sly” adding a touch of flair.

Good Gecko Names

Good Gecko Names

Certainly! Here are the good gecko names with colons added:

Baby: Geckos, typically petite creatures, measuring around 6 inches in length, find simplicity and sweetness in the name Baby, an apt designation for your diminutive companion.

Biggie: For a whimsically ironic twist, Biggie also serves as a fitting appellation for geckos, contrasting their small stature with a grandiose name.

Chirpy: Renowned for their distinctive vocalizations, including cheerful chirps, geckos find resonance in the name Chirpy.

Echo: For a melodious and rhyming name, Echo the Gecko presents a charming option for your reptilian friend.

Estelle: Embracing the nocturnal nature of most gecko species, Estelle emerges as a graceful choice, deriving from the elegant French term meaning “star.”

Midnight: Reflecting the vibrant activity of nocturnal creatures, Midnight embodies the essence of nighttime adventures and excitement.

Monkey: With their adept climbing abilities reminiscent of primates, geckos find resonance in the name Monkey, celebrating their agile and nimble nature.

Eve: Ideal for companions who come alive in the evening hours, Eve captures the essence of nocturnal activity with its evocative connotations.

Freckles: The leopard gecko, adorned with speckled skin, finds an apt namesake in Freckles, reflecting its distinctive appearance with endearing charm.

Gary: Gary the Gecko embodies alliterative allure, offering a delightful and adorable designation for male lizard companions.

Geico: As a nod to the universally recognized GEICO Gecko, this name resonates with a touch of familiarity and affection for reptile enthusiasts.

Grogu: Inspired by the irresistibly adorable Baby Yoda from the Star Wars universe, Grogu serves as a perfect namesake for small, green, and undeniably cute companions.

Hulk: In a humorous juxtaposition, Hulk presents a hilariously oversized name for geckos, accentuating their small stature with a touch of irony.

Layla: Originating from Hebrew roots, Layla, meaning “night,” encapsulates the nocturnal essence of geckos with elegance and grace.

Logan: Derived from Scottish origins, Logan, meaning “small hollow,” offers a subtle yet meaningful designation for geckos, embracing their compact form.

Lorcan: Small yet mighty, Lorcan, an Irish name signifying “little fierce one,” captures the resilient and spirited nature of geckos with aplomb.

Owl: As a namesake for the wise and nocturnal bird, Owl pays homage to the keen senses and nighttime habits of geckos with charm and whimsy.

Peanut: Endearingly small and universally beloved, Peanut serves as a delightful moniker for geckos, encapsulating their petite stature with affection.

Pip: Derived from the term Pipsqueak, Pip exudes a playful charm that complements the cheerful and chirpy demeanor of geckos.

Luna: Drawing from its Latin roots meaning “moon,” Luna stands as a popular choice for female geckos, evoking a sense of celestial beauty and mystery.

Nightcrawler: Drawing parallels with the night vision and clinging capabilities of geckos, Nightcrawler evokes the stealthy prowess of both reptiles and the renowned “X-Men” character.

Ryan: Rooted in Gaelic origins, Ryan, meaning “little king,” offers a regal yet endearing designation for geckos, celebrating their majestic presence despite their small size.

Shortcake: Exuding sweetness and charm, Shortcake emerges as a delectable option for geckos, evoking images of delightful companionship and affection.

Shorty: With its lighthearted and jovial tone, Shorty affectionately acknowledges the small yet spirited nature of geckos with fondness and warmth.

Spider-Man: Drawing parallels with the wall-scaling abilities shared between geckos and the iconic Marvel superhero, Spider-Man offers a playful and dynamic alternative for reptile enthusiasts.

Spot: A fitting designation for leopard geckos, Spot celebrates their distinctive patterned appearance with simplicity and charm.

Stella: With its Italian origin meaning “star,” Stella presents a luminous and elegant choice for geckos, symbolizing their nocturnal allure and celestial beauty.

Sweet Pea: Embracing the small, green, and inherently sweet nature of geckos, Sweet Pea exudes a sense of charm and affection that perfectly complements their delightful presence.

Vesper: Derived from Latin roots meaning “evening star,” Vesper captures the ethereal beauty and nocturnal essence of geckos with grace and sophistication.

Zora: With its Arabic origin meaning “dawn,” Zora offers a unique and evocative choice for geckos, symbolizing the transition from night to day with grace and elegance.

Cute Bearded Dragon Names

Cute Bearded Dragon Names

Sure, here are the cute bearded dragon names with colons added:

Aussie: Bearded dragons, indigenous to Australia, thrive in the arid landscapes of deserts and other dry regions.

Belindo: Belindo, a German name signifying “dragon,” presents a masculine variant of the more prevalent Belinda.

Balthromaw: Featured in “Rick and Morty,” Balthromaw assumes the role of a cantankerous pet dragon.

Blackbeard: Bearded dragons earn their moniker due to the distinctive blackening and puffing of their throats during heightened emotional states. For a whimsical yet oddly fitting appellation, consider Blackbeard, reminiscent of the notorious English pirate.

Boomerang: In a nod to its Australian heritage, Boomerang offers a charming abbreviation for the endearing “Boomer.”

Camelot: Steeped in Arthurian legend, Camelot served as the abode (and sometimes prison) for numerous dragons under King Arthur’s reign.

Charizard: Resembling a dragon, Charizard stands out as one of the most beloved characters within the Pokémon franchise.

Chuck Norris: Boasting his iconic facial hair, the enduringly tough Chuck Norris makes for an exceptional namesake for bearded dragons, often the subject of internet memes.

Draco: Derived from the Latin word for “dragon,” Draco bears a formidable significance, epitomized by the character Draco Malfoy within the realm of “Harry Potter,” embodying the essence of a proud Slytherin with an affinity for the darker arts.

Drake: Originating from Old English, Drake conveys the essence of a dragon.

Drogon: In “Game of Thrones,” Drogon emerges as the favored dragon companion of Daenerys Targaryen.

Daenerys: Inspired by the illustrious character from “Game of Thrones,” adopting the title of Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen offers a plethora of regal epithets, including the Mother of Dragons.

Dalí: Though renowned for his distinctive mustache, Salvador Dalí warrants acknowledgment in the realm of bearded creatures.

Dulcy: Within the “Sonic the Hedgehog” universe, Dulcy stands out as the endearing dragon character.

Falkor: Featured in “The Neverending Story,” Falkor epitomizes wisdom and nobility as a dog-like Luck Dragon.

Fuego: With its Spanish origins meaning “fire,” Fuego aptly suits dragons of all varieties, even those lacking the ability to breathe flames.

Haku: From the acclaimed film “Spirited Away,” Haku embodies a river spirit capable of assuming various forms, including that of a white dragon.

Hufflepuff: While the Hufflepuff House within the magical world of “Harry Potter” symbolizes loyalty and diligence, the name offers a playful nod to the bearded dragon’s characteristic puffy throat.

Jabberwock: In Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There,” the Jabberwock represents a dragon-like entity.

Julian: With Latin roots, Julian connotes a “downy bearded” persona.

Kaida: A Japanese name signifying “little dragon,” Kaida carries an aura of mystery and charm.

Kylie: Of Aboriginal origin, Kylie serves as a classic Australian name meaning “boomerang,” echoing the homeland of bearded dragons.

Ladon: In Greek mythology, Ladon epitomizes a formidable dragon with a hundred heads.

Norbert: Affectionately nurtured by the dragon-enthusiast Hagrid, Norbert emerges as a Norwegian Ridgeback dragon in “Harry Potter,” exhibiting versatility as a name later embraced by a female counterpart, Norberta.

Puff: The iconic Puff the Magic Dragon finds resonance with the endearing puff-necked bearded dragons.

Lockheed: Within the “X-Men” universe, Lockheed assumes the role of Shadowcat’s extraterrestrial dragon companion.

Mate: Reflecting a sense of camaraderie and friendship, Mate offers a warm and welcoming name for an Australian companion.

Matilda: Popularized in Australia, Matilda finds association with the iconic ballad “Waltzing Matilda,” often considered the unofficial anthem of the country.

Maleficent: As a formidable Disney villain capable of transforming into a dragon, Maleficent commands both fear and respect.

Merlin: Renowned within Arthurian lore, Merlin stands as a bearded sage intertwined with the mystique of dragons.

These are your best pet names. We hope that this collection of lizard names has given you some ideas!

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