How Strong Are Kangaroos? Compared To Humans

How Strong Are Kangaroos Compared To Humans

How Strong Are Kangaroos? The kangaroo is an Australian icon. Its size, strength, and speed are traits that make it a natural logo or emblem for Australian organizations and sporting clubs.

Many people have the idea of kangaroos as kind, harmless animals. But appearances may be tricked. As a matter of fact, hostile situations involving kangaroos and people happen often. Actually, kangaroos have been known to cause major injuries to humans and are the cause of many dog deaths each year.

How powerful then are kangaroos? Amazingly powerful! Among the biggest marsupials on the planet, an adult male may reach a weight of 200 pounds and a height of six feet.

Strong hind legs enable kangaroos to kick with a force of around 759 pounds. They punch with 275 pounds of force and have a powerful tail. They have a biting force of 975 PSI, which is the same as grizzly bears due to their powerful jaws. The power in question surpasses that of humans by nearly six times.

Information on kangaroo strength:

The biting force of kangaroos is 975 PSI, and their teeth span 1.5 to 2 inches.
Paw Swipe Force: 8,800 lb-ft/s

The force of the tail is around 200 pounds.
A mature paw measures around 6 to 7 inches in length.

How Strong Are Kangaroos?

How Strong Are Kangaroos

Living in Australia’s arid woods, grasslands, and deserts, kangaroos are herbivorous mammals that typically graze and consume tree leaves all day. They are not aggressive against other animals, but they need a lot of strength to move their bodies.

Kangaroos move extremely differently, and they are primarily seen hopping. With the aid of their powerful tail and rear legs, they can propel themselves up to six feet in the air. They have a 25-foot jumping range and a 44 mph running speed.

Their front legs are robust and muscular in addition to their formidable tails and hind legs. They often utilize them for defense as well as for grooming and eating. They use them to punch other animals.

Their immensity is the source of their power. Up to 8800 lb.-ft/s of impact momentum may be produced by them. balancing their speed and weight. This force is eight times more than what humans can create.

They are equal to humans in punch force, at 275 pounds. Although a kangaroo punch won’t necessarily kill you, the marsupial’s main weapon, the kick, may do significant harm.

The size and weight of a kangaroo determine its true strength. Males are larger than females, as with all other animals (roughly twice as big and strong). Their other subspecies differ from one another not just in terms of gender but also in terms of power.

Kangaroo Size And Strength Differences By Species 

There are two varieties of wallaroos, which are smaller and weaker than kangaroos but are nonetheless members of the same genus (Macropus), and four varieties of kangaroos.

The variations among the six kangaroo species are displayed in the table below.

SpeciesMale HeightFemale HeightMale WeightFemale WeightAvg. strike force (Male)Avg. strike force (Female)
Western gray kangaroo2.9 – 3.7 ft.2.7 – 3.3 ft.62 – 120 lbs.30 – 60 lbs.4,004 lb.-ft./s1,980 lb.-ft./s
Eastern gray kangaroo3.4 – 4.3 ft.2.7 – 3.3 ft.110 – 146 lbs.37 – 88 lbs.5,632 lb.-ft./s2,750 lb.-ft./s
Antilopine kangaroo3.3 – 4.9 ft.2.6 – 3 ft.60 – 154 lbs.33 – 66 lbs.4,708 lb.-ft./s2,178 lb.-ft./s
Red kangaroo4.3 – 5.2 ft.2.7 – 3.4 ft.121 – 201 lbs.40 – 88 lbs.7,084 lb.-ft./s2,816 lb.-ft./s
Common wallaroo3.3 – 4.6 ft.2.5 – 3.3 ft.50 – 100 lbs.40 – 50 lbs.3,300 lb.-ft./s1,980 lb.-ft./s
Black wallaroo2.6 – 3.3 ft.2.4 – 2.6 ft.42 – 50 lbs.28 – 40 lbs.2,024 lb.-ft./s1,496 lb.-ft./s

How Strong Are Kangaroos Compared To Humans?

How Strong Are Kangaroos Compared To Humans

Kangaroos are six to eight times more strong than humans. A human biting force is around 162 PSI, but the bite force of a beast can reach up to 900 PSI. Kangaroos have biting forces comparable to that of top predators.

While males who are larger and more physically fit may punch up to 45 pounds, kangaroos can punch up to 275 pounds. This force is six times weaker than the force of the kangaroo, and most people are not that powerful. Additionally, the force of the swipe and kick is higher than that of a typical untrained person.

We may see a different scenario when kangaroos come into contact with humans who have had martial arts training since these individuals are able to strike kangaroos with a more forceful kick and punch. Even yet, a kangaroo’s biting force will be greater than a human’s.

Kangaroo vs. Gorilla Strength Comparison

Kangaroo vs. Gorilla Strength Comparison

Despite their amazing strength, kangaroos are not the strongest herbivores in the world. When it comes to strength and bite force, gorillas outclass kangaroos.

A comparison of a kangaroo’s and gorilla’s strength is shown in the table below:

Bite force1,300 PSI925 PSI
Speed20 mph44 mph
Weight500 lbs.200 lbs.
Lift force1,800 lbs.750 lbs.
Strike force12,500 lb.-ft./s8,800 lb.-ft./s

This table illustrates that gorillas are significantly bigger and stronger than kangaroos. When they bite, their strong teeth have the ability to puncture the kangaroo’s thick skin and tear its flesh to pieces.

In addition, gorillas are far stronger lifters of weight than humans. They are able to toss the weight over their heads in addition to lifting greater weight.

Although not using their forelimbs, kangaroos are likewise capable of lifting more than their own weight. They weren’t as strong or able to throw the weight as a gorilla, but they could raise it with their rear legs.

If gorillas were larger in stature and had larger hands, they could hit far harder. Although gorillas and kangaroos are separated by distance, kangaroos must use their swiftness to escape if they come into contact. Because kangaroos can run twice as quickly as gorillas, they might save the primate’s life by hopping as far away as possible.

Bite Force (PSI)

With a biting force of 925 PSI, kangaroo jaws are quite strong. This force is six times stronger than that of humans, which is 162 PSI, and slightly less than that of a grizzly bear, at around 975 PSI. Kangaroos’ ears and snout are similar to hares’.

However, because kangaroos are herbivores and their front teeth and cranium are not strong enough to rip flesh, their bite is not harmful to people. The grizzly bear, on the other hand, is unusual since it has strong fangs that can tear flesh.

In actuality, kangaroos lack canine teeth, or if they have, they are quite little. On the other hand, they have enormous incisors that can grow up to two inches long.

To pluck leaves, shrubs, tree twigs, and grass blades, kangaroos utilize their front teeth. Their molars and premolars, which are separated from the incisors, assist them in chewing. It is more difficult for kangaroos to grip their opponent and rip their flesh because of this distance.

How Strong Is a Kangaroo Kick?

How Strong Is a Kangaroo Kick

In the battle, the kangaroo’s kick serves as a weapon. They can move more easily because of their powerful and robust backleg. They are not aggressive creatures and live calm lives.

However, they will use their rear legs to kick another kangaroo if they pose a threat. They’ll execute it like the taekwondo master.

Now, are you curious about the force of a kangaroo kick? A red kangaroo is capable of striking at speeds exceeding 40 miles per hour with 759 pounds of force. Most humans aren’t able to defeat a kangaroo in a battle, despite the possibility that skilled martial artists may equal their power and speed.

You have to understand that a kangaroo can fight back with a force of 759 pounds. This force has the power to kill you as well as break your bones.

How Strong Are Kangaroos’ Tails?

Strong tails, powerful legs, and powerful fangs protect kangaroos from other carnivorous creatures. Their 200-pound tail is capable of supporting their whole body weight. Many people think they have greater muscle in their tails.

Its tail has greater bulk than its back legs, which aids in its movement. Additionally, research has revealed that kangaroos create positive mechanical work with their tails when they move quadrupedally. To raise their bodies and increase their speed, they utilize their tails.

Occasionally, kangaroos fight using their tails. They primarily utilize their tails to maintain equilibrium, carry their body weight, and launch simultaneous strikes with their back legs.

Swipe Force

Their front limbs are not as strong as their rear limbs. To remove branches from the trees and plug leaves, they utilize them as their hands. Nevertheless, their size and speed provide them the necessary strength to swipe.

Did you know that the attack force of a powerful male kangaroo may reach up to 8800 lb.-ft./s?

Yes, its striking force is eight times stronger than that of the typical human and comparable to that of an average mountain lion. The animal’s weight and speed at the moment of impact determine the actual swipe force.

How Fast Can Kangaroos Run?

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Because of the design of their body, kangaroos are unable to sprint or walk. They can, however, go 44 miles per hour quicker than grizzly and polar bears. Compared to other wild creatures like tigers and lions, they move considerably more slowly.

Because the anatomy of their rear legs has developed to accommodate their unique manner of locomotion, kangaroos can kick with a great deal of force.

The strong muscles and tendons of a kangaroo’s rear legs also function as a spring. These tendons generate force that enables them to hop when they contract and stretch. Kangaroos may leap up to 25 feet in a single bound and reach heights of six feet for reasons other than this.

Another crucial component is his tail, which aids in forward motion and balance during each leap. The tail of the kangaroo is also essential to its ability to jump. The kangaroo is propelled and balanced with each hop.

Their tail aids in their leaping, but it also serves as a weapon that they may use against their opponent in combat. It facilitates their forward motion, balance, and ability to kick other creatures. Its tail is powerful enough to support the entire weight of the body.

How High Can Kangaroos Jump?

It’s well known that kangaroos can jump really high. While escaping from predators or navigating their surroundings, kangaroos have been reported to cross obstacles as high as 10 feet (3 meters) when they jump, on average, approximately 6 feet (1.8 meters) high. They can jump quite high and with amazing strength and agility thanks to their strong rear legs and robust tails.

How Are Kangaroos So Strong?

Kangaroos are herbivorous animals. Thus, they are not dependent on power to murder other creatures. Their physical makeup and environment have made them strong.

They reside in extremely harsh regions of Australia. Their ability to move fast over great distances, aided by their strong, muscular rear legs and tails, is crucial in times of water and food scarcity.

Reproduction can be greatly impacted by a kangaroo’s strength. They form groups known as mobs and always remain together. The likelihood of mating with female kangaroos increases with kangaroo strength, which determines who ranks highest in the mob hierarchy.

Who Would Win in a Fight Between a Human and a Kangaroo?

Who Would Win in a Fight Between a Human and a Kangaroo

Should a kangaroo and a human battle, the kangaroo prevails. A person may have an edge in weight or, in certain situations, height, but a kangaroo’s claws are lethal biological weapons capable of instantly killing an individual.

Videos showing people successfully assaulting kangaroos should not deceive you. When a kangaroo is in the wild, it will attempt to grab its prey and use its foot claws to rip into it.

A human person will suffer terrible injuries from this, maybe even being disemboweled. The people are vulnerable to these wild beasts in the absence of weapons and armor.

The kangaroo’s head would have to be attacked by humans in the interim. It would be challenging to inflict enough harm on the kangaroo to kill it with just one’s hands, unless it was a little animal or the person was really fortunate.

To understand how strong are kangaroos? You have to witness them in their native environment. Their strength and tenacity serve as a reminder of the amazing diversity of life on our planet.


How strong are kangaroos compared to other animals?

Kangaroos are incredibly strong for their size, with the ability to deliver powerful kicks and strikes. They are known for their agility and muscular legs, which enable them to leap great distances.

What is the average strike force of a kangaroo?

The average strike force of a kangaroo varies depending on the species, but it can range from around 2,000 to 7,000 pound-force feet per second (lb.-ft./s) for males and from around 1,500 to 3,000 lb.-ft./s for females.

How does a kangaroo’s strike force compare to other animals?

Kangaroos have one of the highest strike forces among mammals, often rivaling or exceeding those of larger animals such as gorillas and even some big cats.

Are male or female kangaroos stronger?

In general, male kangaroos tend to be larger and stronger than females. They have larger muscles and higher average strike forces, which they use for fighting and defending their territory.

Can a kangaroo lift heavy objects?

Yes, kangaroos are capable of lifting surprisingly heavy objects relative to their size. They have strong forelimbs and shoulders, which allow them to carry and manipulate objects weighing several times their own body weight.

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