Do Hawks Eat Foxes? (Complete Details) – Animallearns

Do Hawks Eat Foxes (Complete Details) - Animallearns

Do Hawks Eat Foxes? In North America, the red-tailed hawk is the most common species of hawk. The diets of these magnificent predatory birds are quite diverse. it demonstrates their sly eating habits. Usually, they devour whatever little animal they come upon.

Do Hawks Eat Foxes?

Yes, hawks do eat foxes. But they don’t eat it as their main meal. They typically target young foxes and damaged foxes. Since there is little chance of success while pursuing adult foxes, hawks attempt to stay away from the hunt.

Hawks are at the top of the food chain and feed on a variety of species. They are among the animal kingdom’s most skilled hunters because of this. They do consume foxes. Though they don’t often hunt and consume foxes, they do occasionally do so.

Hawks tend to prey on injured, elderly, or young foxes. because it is simpler to pursue tiny and feeble prey. A healthy adult fox is quite uncommon to be the target of a hawk. However, if there isn’t enough food for the hawk, it could occur.

How Does A Hawk Kill Foxes?

As hawks hunt from above, they have a significant edge over other roving animals. Hawks hunt patiently for food either soaring through the skies or perched atop the highest tree. They use gravity to their advantage and dive in quickly upon seeing a fox.

It is too late for the fox to flee before it recognizes what is approaching from above. Once they’ve caught the fox, they kill it with their powerful, pointed talons and occasionally with their beak.

The simplest portion to target and the softest are the eyes. Thus, it often targets the fox’s eye first before moving on to its skull. They take the dead fox to their nest, where it gorges itself on its remains.

How Do Hawks Eat Foxes?

How Do Hawks Eat Foxes

After bringing the dead fox to their nest, hawks use their powerful beaks to rip through the fox’s skin and flesh. and consume it gradually. Early on, the baby hawks may find it difficult to tear through raw flesh, so their parents assist them.

Which Hawks Eat Foxes?

After bringing the dead fox to their nest, hawks use their powerful beaks to rip through the fox’s skin and flesh. and consume it gradually. Early on, the baby hawks may find it difficult to tear through raw flesh, so their parents assist them.

New Yorkers and red-tailed foxes have a unique relationship; they are the epitome of harmonious cohabitation between humans and animals. Hawks are beneficial to humans because they consume rats and other small creatures that might otherwise threaten people.

In exchange, when they come upon a hawk nest nearby, residents of New York refrain from using any rat poison to prevent the hawk from unintentionally consuming it.

Not to add that hawks assist in controlling the population of foxes, another species that threatens humans by raiding chicken farms and other establishments.

How Often Do Hawks Eat Foxes?

The response is not very frequent. It’s a widely held idea that hawks exclusively consume mice and rats, however, this is untrue. Hawks hunt nearly everything, thus they never lack food. Hawks have plenty of food sources to choose from.

According to research done in New York State, meadow voles are the prey that red-tailed hawks seek the most, followed by cottontail rabbits in second place and gray squirrels in third.

The hawk feeds on small animals, including snakes, robins, chipmunks, and sparrows. Rodents are readily available, making them a common meal for hawks.

Though less frequently, hawks also hunt toads, insects, bats, and frogs. A hawk’s diet is so varied that they occasionally even eat foxes. Although it is rare, hawks occasionally pursue foxes for food.

How Do Foxes Defend Themselves Against Hawks?

How Do Foxes Defend Themselves Against Hawks

Foxes dig tiny tunnels and dens in meadows to shield themselves from hawks and other predators. Predators most frequently target and take advantage of fox pups, making them their primary prey.

They often stay within their dens until they are five weeks old because of this. Adult foxes keep an eye on them till then. Foxes would defend themselves against attacks by using their razor-sharp fangs and claws.

Still, foxes would make an effort to avoid drawing attention from possible predators. They would also need to use their speed and agility to avoid being discovered by predators.

Can Hawks Even Hunt A Healthy Adult Fox?

Adult foxes range in weight from 8 to 30 pounds on average, depending on the species, whereas ferruginous hawks can weigh up to 5 pounds at their maximum. Therefore, hunting a healthy adult fox is difficult for any hawk, not even the biggest hawk species.

In addition, foxes typically choose to hide throughout the day to avoid being eaten. They have such keen vision that it is even possible for them to see well at night. But during the day, hawks hunt. Therefore, these two don’t interact much.

Do Hawks Eat Dead Foxes?

Do Hawks Eat Dead Foxes

Do Hawks Eat Foxes? Yes, hawks also consume deceased foxes. Hawks are scavengers as well as magnificent birds of prey. Hawks consume deceased animals, much as any other scavenger.

Hawks’ enhanced senses of hearing, smell, and vision enable them to locate and pursue prey. They can also detect deceased animals because of their keen sensitivity.

Although they like hunting prey on their own, they will also hunt dead animals and, if given the opportunity, even steal prey from other predators. They hunt when it’s convenient. They’ll accept whatever makes them easy prey.

Do Fox Eats Hawks?

There are very few natural predators for hawks. Nevertheless, a few species, like raccoons, bigger eagles and hawks, and great horned owls, are their predators. It may surprise you to learn that foxes are included in the list of predators that hawks eat.

Indeed, foxes do consume hawks, but not mature hawks. Foxes consume hawk eggs or young. When the parent hawks depart to hunt and their eggs or young birds are left alone in the nest, foxes track down the hawks’ nest and wait for a chance to take advantage of the situation.

Foxes assault nests to steal eggs or young hawks when they get the chance. When a baby hawk is learning to fly, Fox could target it. because they lack confidence and expertise, can scarcely fly, and typically fly extremely low, within foxes’ reach.

Other Birds of Prey That Eat Foxes

Other Birds of Prey That Eat Foxes (Eagles,Falcon,Owl)


At the summit of the food chain, these raptors are the ultimate hunters and apex predators. It is reported that eagles can lift up to five times their own body weight in prey.

Fish is the primary food source, with birds and animals serving as supplements. Although they are not the primary source of food for eagles, foxes are occasionally consumed by them. Even yet, their primary prey is young foxes.


Except for Antarctica, all of the earth is home to falcons. These predatory birds consume insects and other birds as food.

They would hunt on a dead fox, even though they generally avoid attacking mature ones. and would pursue smaller foxes as well. However, they wouldn’t do so as frequently as other prey-seeking birds.


The great-horned owl is the biggest species of owl. has a 5-foot wingspan and primarily hunts at night. Mammals make up the great-horned owl’s main food source. which also applies to foxes. Owls are renowned for their quiet hunting skills and nearly flawless prey capture.


Among the hawk species, the red-tailed hawk is the most frequently observed in North America. They eat a broad range of animals and are rather large in size. They occasionally consume a small quantity of carrion as well.

They even spare foxes too, if they find an opportunity. We hope that this post clarifies any connected topics and provides a solution to your query about “Do hawks eat foxes.


What does a hawk eat?

Hawks have a varied diet that includes small rodents, birds, insects, and occasionally reptiles.

Do hawks eat parrots?

While it is uncommon, some hawk species may prey on parrots if the opportunity arises.

Do hawks eat pigeons?

Yes, pigeons are among the birds that hawks commonly prey upon.

Do hawks eat the bones of their prey?

No, hawks typically do not eat the bones of their prey. They consume the flesh and organs, discarding indigestible parts like bones and feathers.

What type of foxes do hawks prefer to eat?

Hawks typically target young or injured foxes, as they are easier prey compared to healthy adults.

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